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Morphopolis level 4

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Morphopolis lev4: 12/6/13, 6:17 PM

Can't get past the flower puzzle on level 4. I press the button as I release the pebbles get bigger but there's nothing else to do. I'm really stuck please help!

Deltars: 2/11/14, 12:28 PM

This puzzle is just Solitaire, you drag the pebbles across another into a space (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). The aim is to make the necessary moves so there is only one pebble left.

Seaexplore: 3/22/14, 5:30 PM

I got thru the first flower puzzle but have no idea what to do on the second puzzle. The "shadow" pieces appear to be reverse of the "bouquet". Help!

Deltars: 3/23/14, 12:04 PM

The shadowed flower parts have fallen off the main flower, you have to drop all the dark parts back to where they are mean't to go. Good luck! It is a tough one.

Seaexplore: 3/23/14, 5:26 PM

Thanks. That was a toughie! :)