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I find the bug

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Mashkee: 2/10/14, 12:03 PM

Game crashes only if you don't lock screen rotation. Please fix this problem :) i test game on iphone 5

Deltars: 2/11/14, 4:16 PM

Hi Mashkee, thanks for the report. Is this related to the other issue you reported, or is this separate? Thanks, Dan

Mashkee: 2/11/14, 6:14 PM

It's just one report :) After first post i tried to solve the problem for many ways and find bug with screen lock :)

Deltars: 2/15/14, 1:09 PM

We can probably fix this in the next patch. There are a couple of changes we want to get in, it will probably happen in the next 2-4 weeks. Thanks for reporting this issue.