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Level 5

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Seaexplore: 3/25/14, 3:46 PM

I cannot manage to find all the winged insects! I got all but one and the clue button pings at me on all three parts so I have no idea where to look! Clues?

Deltars: 3/25/14, 3:53 PM

3 parts? There are 5 screens on chapter 5. You should be able to access 4 of them. Have you unravelled the fern? Have you climbed to the top of the beetle mountain?

Seaexplore: 3/25/14, 8:35 PM

On the first screen, I see the tangled up winged insects that I know I need to release to access that part. I can climb the tree via the mushroom path for the second screen. I unfurled the fern and went to that screen. How do I access the 4th screen?

Seaexplore: 4/14/14, 2:49 AM

Ok, turns out you have to go up one of the white leaf looking things at the top of the mushroom path. The beetle puzzle.... Dang!