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Terrorhedron download

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hangphyr: 7/18/14, 11:04 AM

I purchased Terrorhedron back in 2013, and the old download link on dropbox for version 1.5c that was given in the registration key email no longer works. I don't see a download link for it on the site. What is the current download link? Also, when it is released on Steam, will my old registration allow me to have it on Steam also?

Deltars: 7/18/14, 11:13 AM

Hi, Please reply to the email with the download link and I will give the new download link. Yes we will email Steam keys to all who bought the game previously from We really appreciate the support from everyone who has bought the game in the past, we could never have made it to Steam without all the support. I am still an indie developer, I really enjoy my work and everyone who bought Terrorhedron made this possible, so thank you.