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What fun! Any map\level editor?

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Razguul: 7/25/14, 9:14 PM

What a great game. Just played it for 2 hours and couldn't stop. Are there other custom maps or levels besides in game? How about a map/level editor (like what you probably used to create the ones in game). Thanks.

Deltars: 7/26/14, 2:28 AM

Hi Razguul, I also replied on the Steam forums. An editor would be awesome, I would love to add one. If it proves a popular enough request, I will look at it. I am glad you are enjoying the game :-)

Robotica34: 3/12/16, 1:28 PM

I'm a year late, but I'd also like to see a level editor! It's a fun game and I'm sure users will start creating amazing, more challenging maps.

ProceduralTextur: 6/15/16, 6:27 PM

It is a tragedy that such an excellent base game has so few levels to play. If not an editor, then at least a new set of levels as DLC, please.