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Game won't launch after purchase

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Ennael_Tac: 8/9/16, 7:39 PM

I just purchased the game and it won't launch. I get a small black window with white text and I hear the music - that's it. Please help! The text in the window says: Setting Breakpad minidump AppID = 314020 Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: (my steam ID) irrKlang sound library version 1.4.0 Using Direct Sound8 driver w: 1680 h: 1050 vw: 1680 vh: 1050

Deltars: 9/20/16, 11:26 AM

Hi, Did you get this to work?

Games Rule: 12/5/17, 9:47 PM

what game