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Keyboard controles

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Haloreachgunner: 7/20/18, 10:10 AM

Description: The way it could be easier to build How to fix the keyboard mechanics: I have been finding it hard to control stuff and turn block in this game. i am in love with the mechanics but its a pain in the but to use. My suggestion to fixing this is since you guys probably like games with alot of building mechanics and alot of self creativity I Highly suggest you play a game called From The Depths to have a feel of how easy it is to build and control the tools it there. the fix for rotating blocks and mirroring them could literately be as easy as three keys r for rotate x t for mirroring the block and e for rotating y. but again please. i know its time and effort to go and buy and play a game such as from the depths but please go play it, just to get a feel of keyboard controls and how quickly and easily it is to get This feature is important because: its a pain in the arse to build anything With this feature, you will now be able to: build quickly and like a pro Possible options for this feature are: litterly improving your game by miles Potential downsides of this feature are: its not implemented and people are quietly moning about keyboard controls being so fussy and difficult

DKonop1: 7/26/18, 10:38 PM

ok sounds funn

DKonop1: 7/26/18, 10:38 PM