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Health stats to rescuer and victims first aid mechanics (#897)


Feature functionality for the medical bed.
Created on Aug 6, 2018
Feature Severity factor of injury of rescuer
Created on Aug 25, 2018
Feature Health bar change
Created on Sep 29, 2018
Feature NPC death implications
Created on Oct 19, 2018
Feature Proper implementation of medical system ALPHA
Created on Oct 31, 2018
Feature Injured People
Created on Jan 15, 2019
Feature Survivors that Require Medical Treetment
Created on Jan 24, 2019
Feature Med-kit or health regen
Created on Feb 24, 2019
Feature Incapacited Patients
Created on Mar 7, 2019
Feature Medical condition and paramedics
Created on Jun 13, 2019
Feature Injury system
Created on Jun 24, 2019
Feature Medical System
Created on Jul 1, 2019
Feature Resuscitation in the form of mini-games
Created on Jul 4, 2019
Feature Medical and Fire Fighting Equipments
Created on Nov 1, 2019
Feature Features for the medical bed
Created 7 months, 2 weeks ago