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More basic shapes (#96)


Feature New block
Created on Nov 13, 2017
Feature 1/3 hull implementation
Created on Mar 6, 2018
Feature Add a "Corner Wedge" to the Vehicle Workbench
Created on Mar 15, 2018
Feature square corner piece
Created on Apr 20, 2018
Feature Add a Octagon / Cylinder Block
Created on Jun 18, 2018
Feature Half thickness Blocks
Created on Jun 27, 2018
Feature More blocks please.
Created on Sep 10, 2018
Feature Square based pyramid block
Created on Nov 11, 2018
Feature New building block
Created on Nov 11, 2018
Feature A Pyramid block
Created on Dec 9, 2018
Feature Suggestion about possible blocks that could be added
Created on Jan 7, 2019
Feature New Basic Block shape - Quarter Pyramid
Created on Jan 7, 2019
Feature more interesting blocks
Created on Mar 14, 2019
Feature Pyramid block with a square base
Created on Mar 20, 2019
Feature Long wedge corner
Created on Apr 17, 2019
Feature you should add a lot of round blocks
Created on May 3, 2019
Feature New blocks: "Inverse Pyramid Two-Sided" and "Square Pyramid"
Created on May 10, 2019
Feature Hello, im looking for a new block that might be of interist.
Created on May 31, 2019
Feature Squared Pyramid block
Created on Jun 5, 2019
Feature Suggestion : Half blocks to plates
Created on Jun 15, 2019
Feature Slabs
Created on Jun 22, 2019
Created on Jul 21, 2019
Feature Half blocks, half wedges, quarter blocks, quarter wedges
Created on Jul 31, 20