Peregrin is the story-puzzle game, set in the world of a mythical fallen society torn asunder by a war with the gods.


You have been chosen to bring an end to the war with the gods. You must travel across the divide, through the ancient mythical ruins of civilization, and into the heavens to negotiate peace with the creators themselves.

With such monumental forces at work, you discover deep supernatural forces that give you arcane influence on the environment around you. A lone traveler, you are no match for the dangers ahead and must count on your wits to survive.

Mythology in a Post-Apocalyptic World

  • Monoliths rise from the ruins and hold the key to undoing the cataclysm.
  • Discover the survivors of this world and the legacy of their war with the gods.
  • Play as Abi, a young woman who leaves her sanctuary to undertake an epic journey of survival.

Top-down Puzzles and Combat

  • Encounter fierce enemies and complex environmental challenges.
  • Abi’s arcane abilities can temporarily possess and control the strange creatures you discover.
  • Survive the inhospitable wasteland’s obstacles and inhabitants.

Iconic Art Styled After 70s Sci-Fi Book Covers

  • Stunning visuals inspired by the work of artists such as John Harris and Moebius.
  • Brushstroke textures and distinctive colour palettes used to achieve the feel of concept art.

Who We Are

From the makers of Calvino Noir, Morphopolis, and Terrorhedron. The team consists of artists, programmers, writers, designers, animators, sound engineers, and more.

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Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Domino Digital Limited
  • Release Date: 2nd November 2017
  • Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV


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